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  • Personal Security is 24/7

    I recently read an article about women in California being assaulted and raped by an Uber driver. A few things come to mind about this situation. First off, he's a true scumbag preying on young ladies who were looking to have an evening out and enjoy themselves. Trying to do right and not drive, they called Uber. Secondly, he's an illegal alien and doesn't have the right to work here in the first place, shame on Uber for that one. Third, part of the blame can be directed at California even. Being a sanctuary state gives illegal aliens the feeling of not having to worry about deportation or any serious consequences to their actions.

    In this story there's plenty of blame to go around of course but one other fact sticks out to me. These women, drinking and partying or not, are still responsible for their personal safety and nowhere in either of the stories I read, were they able to fend of the dirtbag that assaulted and stole from them. He was caught of course, he's not a rocket scientist. He drive's for Uber so they do have him on file and waits outside of bars for young ladies so he was an easy catch. Like many stories I hear about and read nowadays, all I can think of is that it never had to happen in the first place.

    Catching bad guys and scumbags after the deeds are done is great, I applaud the authorities that are able to do so but in my humble opinion, we would all be better off if we were able to stop the violence and assaults before they actually take place. He's not a professional criminal so there is little chance he could have fended off either a Taser or a shot to the face of either Mace or on the of Wildfire Pepper Sprays or Gels.

    In the enclosed backseat of a car, the only thing that matters is your safety, here and now. It doesn't matter whether the guy is caught later, your life is undoubtedly changed forever once the deed is done. A quick shot of Pepper Gel that's hidden in your purse or a single shot from a stun gun or a more powerful concealed Taser would allow someone to at least break free and exit the vehicle.

    Too many stories I read in the paper or online and see on the daily news revolve around women or girls being attacked and what efforts are being put into catching the perpetrator. If every mom, every dad, every college student and every young woman took a little time and effort to learn some of the simple, easy and inexpensive ways to protect themselves, many of these stories would end differently.

    Tasers, stun guns, pepper sprays, pepper gels, and even the small batons for personal safety give everyone a chance to alter the outcome of many, not all, personal attacks. The repercussions of not being able to defend yourself are long lasting, mental, physical, emotional and can easily affect the choices you make for the rest of your life. Why not take a minute, do a little research and protect yourself, maybe YOUR story can end differently!

  • Tasers and Personal Security

    I'd like to talk about Tasers in this post. In critical life threatening situations there are multiple ways to effectively defend yourself and one of the most effective without doing permanent harm is using a Taser.

    Long help up as the Gold Standard for stunning someone, police departments the world over carry the Taser brand and a lot of times, carry the X26 Taser. The models vary in duration, how many probes, how many seconds it will incapacitate an attacker, etc.

    If you purchases a Taser, along with a few extra cartridges, you have years worth of protection available that can be carried without a license, permit or permission in many many more areas than you can a firearm. Whether you agree with "Safe Zones" as far as firearms are concerned, one thing everyone should agree on is that in a few of the mass shooting incidents, even a pepper spray or stun gun or Taser would have effectively saved a few lives. In the case of the Vegas shooting, nothing we can do could have stopped that but the nightclub in Florida, school shootings, even the church shootings, critical time could have been gained by blinding the shooter with a pepper spray or stunning him with either a powerful stun gun or a Taser unit that shoots from 50 times to 500 times depending on model as long as you have extra cartridges. If you decide not to carry extra cartridges, ones it shoots the barbs out, the unit becomes one of the most powerful stun guns in the world and will still incapacitate for 30 seconds at a time. 30 seconds is a lifetime in those situations, allowing yourself and how many others to get to safety. Amazing that these units can be utilized and not more carry them yet!

    Your ultimate goal in personal security is to protect yourself, your loved ones and if possible, others in danger. Whichever system of non-lethal self defense you utilize, you are buying the ability to possibly save lives. Yours, your loved ones and possibly others.

    Utilizing firearms to repel attacks is allowed in many states but the laws are so convoluted and change so constantly it's hard to know whether to pull the trigger whether its a mass hooting or self defense situation. Utilizing a Taser, no brainer, there is no permanent harm but there is immediate safety for you. I personally hold 2 different states carry concealed licenses and yet I still carry Wildfire Pepper Gel and a Taser Bolt at different times because of the legalities.

    Remember, being armed to defend yourself is a right but it's also a responsibility. Carry legally and always be ready to use what system you carry. Most people I talk to, when really digging deep, don't think they can pull a trigger and take a life but I haven't met anyone that doesn't believe they can fire a Taser or shoot someone with a spray.

    Over 80% of shootings in America happen inside a space that can fit inside a standard living room. If you think you can pull a gun to defend yourself, think about using a Taser or spray. At those distances, effectiveness is just as good and you don't have to worry about going to jail afterward. Once again, the goal is your safety, not permanently injuring or killing your attacker. Your safety is really all that matters but it's important you have your freedom afterwards too!

  • Self Defense and Pepper Spray

    Many think of Mace brand items when they think of pepper sprays or self defense sprays but there are more available and not all are created equal. I carry a Wildfire Pepper gel in the car simply as an addition to other defense products. Many times, our security is at risk in the car and we are trapped basically. Wildfire Pepper Gel or Mace Pepper Gel are arguably the best thing you can carry in an enclosed environment.

    The gel, instead of disbursing and being blown around by wind, shoots forth as a sticky substance that adheres immediately to skin and can't be wiped or washed off too easily. Trying to rub it away or wash it off just reactivates the pepper and it continues working. Plenty of time to leave the scene and make yourself safe. They shoot only 6-8 feet but you have multiple shots per can, depending on size and are easily concealed in your vehicle or in your purse or pocket.

    Sine its not a mist, it won't blow back into your vehicle and you will still be able to see to drive away. For carrying in the open air, I would recommend either a Mace or Wildfire Police grade spray since it will shoot further, give you at least 10 bursts of one second each and help fend off multiple aggressors if needed.

    A combination of items for different situations is best to contemplate. What is good in one situation is not always good in another but the gel is great for enclosed spaces, your limited to distance basically, and volume. Once you leave your vehicle, either a spray or pepper shot or Taser/stun gun will have further reach and allow you to escape harm as well. Try to imagine different scenarios and think about what your safety is worth. The gels and sprays are very very inexpensive personal protection that lasts many months or years before you need to replace, another reason to consider them as a basis for your own non lethal protection plan.

  • Personal Security & Protection

    Welcome to usdefend's blog! We will be adding content and posts often to keep you informed and help you evaluate different products for different scenarios. Our intent is simple; we wish to help everyone possible to protect themselves, their families and their property. Although there are many many ways to do so, we feel that responding to most threats without having to use lethal force is the way to go. Anytime you have to use lethal force, repercussions may have the effect of damaging your life, freedom, career, etc. but we strongly believe that if necessary, do whatever it takes to keep yourself and your family safe from deadly intent.

    My name is John and I am the President of usdefend as well as a small business owner, homeowner, husband, step-father, military veteran and motorcycle enthusiast. As well as being trained by the US Army and National Guard in self-defense, I currently hold 2 different concealed carry licenses from different states for firearms.

    I wanted to let you know a bit about me so that the posts I make and the stories I relate make sense to you and you understand that my motivation for our entire site is to keep you safe from harm, both you and those you love, without destroying your future in the process.

    The Declaration of Independence assures us of our God given rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The founding fathers originally had written, Life, Liberty and Property but changed the latter to pursuit of Happiness since not everyone's idea of Happiness is owning property. Leaving that out, we are guaranteed, as U.S. citizens, the right of life and liberty. Our site, usdefend, makes no distinction between U.S. Defend and usdefend because to defend ourselves (us) is also to defend the U.S. (all of us). It is our God given right and if we exercise this right, when absolutely necessary, our country is better for it.

    Many people have said, "turn the other cheek", "it's only money, they need it more than I do", "there isn't any possession worth dying for". I  agree with all those statements while also believing that in certain dire situations, defending yourself & your family from theft, bodily harm, rape or worse is not only acceptable, it's the only response you can have that will allow you to remain with your family, friend's and living on God's green earth.

    Living safer, being able to be secure in the knowledge that our loved ones remain safe, healthy and happy, is where true Happiness is. So when you are defending yourself against anyone that would take your life, your loved one's life, your freedom or a loved one's freedom or in a real and tangible way, threaten the pursuit of Happiness that you seek, DEFEND YOURSELF.

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